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The Gift of God's Surpassing Grace


"And in their prayers for you their hearts will go out to you, because of the surpassing grace God has given you. Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!” 2 Corinthians 9:14-15

How do you talk about a gift that is so surpassingly great, God tells us it is indescribable? Well, he doesn't mean don't try. He means, no amount of trying will get close to describing it, but try anyway. The gift the Apostle Paul is speaking of is the surpassingly great Grace of God.

The only way to talk about it, is to talk in terms of infinitudes. If the grace that has been given surpasses all other graces, then it is because that level of grace was nothing short of exactly what was needed to deal with the offences committed against the person of God.

God is infinitely and unchangeably wise, and powerful, and holy, and just, and good, and true. That means he is infinitely worthy to receive what is due to him - namely praise and honour and majesty and power, forever, from his creatures. So, when we made an infinitely unwise and unholy choice to prefer ourselves over above him, we were making an infinitely untrue statement about His worth - one that was infinitely below the mark. That caused him infinite offence - as it should. It made us the eternal enemies of God and justly, the rightful recipients of eternal punishment.

Therefore, if we now find that God's infinite anger has been turned away from us forever by a perfect, upright, holy provision, supplied by God himself, then we can be in no doubt that we are receiving surpassingly great grace in the place of surpassingly great wrath. What was infinitely undeserved has been given by the sheer kindness of God.

Jesus came into the world on a surpassingly great Grace mission. Not one iota is left undone of all that needed to be done in order to put us in a right standing with our Heavenly Father, forever. Nothing at all. The work is complete and it is done. If we are the recipients of that work, that is nothing short of an indescribable gift! That is what Christmas is for. May the Lord pour his grace out on us all today.

Very, Happy Christmas to you all!



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