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About This Site

Under whose wings you have come to take Refuge

In 2020 during the onset of a Coronavirus pandemic a group of dispersed Christians started meeting via Zoom to worship together. We said back then, in our 'About' blurb, that we looked 'forward to a day when God, in His mercy, might bring us back together in person to enjoy the fullness of the blessings of corporate worship for His name's sake and His glory'.


Following the relaxation of Coronavirus regulations and after 16 months of meeting online, we have come back together to form a new church in Horbury Bridge called Riverside Baptist Church.

This site exists to make available the preaching and teaching resources that were generated during the Coronavirus pandemic and those that continue to be generated from the ministry of Riverside Baptist Church.

At Riverside we cherish hearing God speak to us through his Word - it's what we gather to do week by week. And in hearing him speak to us through his Word we rejoice in the truth about who he is and what his ways are like and most of all in his Son, Jesus Christ.

Our ongoing experience is that God has spread his sovereign protecting wing over every aspect of our lives. Sunday by Sunday He feeds our souls with good things and causes us to delight in Him in the midst of dark and difficult days. We would say that He is our constant Refuge.

It is our prayer, in making these resources available, that God might be glorified in the lives of readers and listeners as they make use of them.

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